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Team and leadership skills, while generally universal, are often inconsistently developed, and not nurtured over time. At a time when mental health is being seriously challenged, particularly in corporate environments and groups generally, consistency and custom solutions that fit the need is what’s needed. Or, it’s not believable, or sustainable. People know instantly. Both earned and developed through experiences, trust is at the core of building futures for younger generations. Our own experiences over hundreds of sessions, and industry research, has proven that this approach is a powerful formula for creating change.

Inside with portable adventures or outside with natural resources, we can do our work in any environment. The NYC – Philadelphia – DC metroplex is a priority as are those companies and groups located in regional PA, including Lehigh and Bucks counties. We can use the accommodations in the Hershey, PA area or we will travel to you. With such a critically important priority, we don’t want distance to be an obstacle.

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The Equestrian Package

Maybe sitting on a bench in our Garden looking out over the paddocks isn’t quite enough to revisit your love for horses and their regal look. A step closer might just be what you’re looking for. And, of course, the success of the show, Yellowstone, has stirred throwback memories for many of us. Look no further: we’ve created an experience for you. Sign-up for the package can be pre-booked to be sure a spot is secured, or you can speak with our General Manager to work out the details. Check out the details.

90 minutes with a selected horse just for you

·       Trainer instructions and guidance throughout the session

·       The session includes:

An initial treat session to get acquainted

Discussion about their joints, muscles, organs and what makes them so unique

Curry and brush their bodies, comb and pull their mane

Then, braid their mane and put on their halter

Take them for a quiet handwalk around the property

Stop at one of our grass fields for treats and a long pause for fresh grass

Walk back to the barn, untack them and put them back in their stall or paddock

On Property

Movie Night + Game Room Fun

We show the classics! With a variety of different film possibilities and a fantastic setting to enjoy them, come on over to The Flag Barn right next to the Inn. Refreshments and snacks are made available throughout the showing. Right next door is the Game Room, if that’s more your style, and there are plenty of options. Pool, Darts, Board Games, Pinball, and many more.

On Property

Leisure Adventures

Want to get out, stir up some fun competition and escape to some fun and favorite memories? Come on over to the Flag Barn game room. It’s a perfect getaway spot in the Fall and Winter, too. Pool table challenges? Darts all night long over too many crazy stories and hilarious jokes you’ve been hiding since college finals week? Outside and a weekend cornhole tournament more your style? Or, just sitting by the stove and talking about playing but never getting out of that comfortable chair! Ten strides out the Inn front door, and you’ve arrived!

On Property

Make Your Own Maple Syrup

The Berkshires are deeply loved for many, many reasons, but a favorite always is a stopover for a jug or two for yourself or, maybe as a gift. Parting with one is not an easy decision, though. What if you could make your own batch? Here, at the Inn, it’s a new offering we’re very excited about. It’ll happen during early – late March, just as the snow or frost starts to warm off and the tree’s buds are beginning to open slightly. You’ll be part of the process, tapping trees, putting out buckets in anticipation of the sap that will make your special preserve!