Nature Hiking On Property

Explore the incredible trails connected to the Inn at Richmond and its Berkshire Equestrian Center. There are trails from 1 mile to 4 miles, and beyond. The views, breathtaking. The mountains of the Berkshires seem to roll as though they’re ocean waves. We have the expertise, gear and knowledge to provide guests with a full-on experience. With frequent stops for silence and wildlife viewing, you’ll take deeper breaths than you can probably remember.

Simple Fly Fishing

A line, pole and fly is all you need to have the fishing experience you probably did as kids. Tenkara Fishing, started in Japan over 400 years ago, keeps it simple. You’ll have your line in the water more, less snags on trees and weeds, and more chances to catch fish. We love trout fishing in the local streams and creeks to find the native Brookies and Browns: they fight like a shark and the poles and tackle you’ll use will make you feel accomplishment beyond your day job. We have the knowledge of the local spots to give you your best chance of landing a fish you can barely wait for posting to Instagram, regardless of size.

History Tours

On August 2, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed by Massachusetts native John Adams, and others. The Inn at Richmond, then owned by the Morse family, was founded in 1776. The Inn has evolved, but most of the original details have been preserved. Pine flooring, latches for doors and windows, pane glass, the same transom design as the logo discovered in the peak of the main Equestrian barn, all moments of discovery difficult to find anywhere. Guided by an expert, you’ll hear the stories about its beginnings and how it’s evolved.

The Equestrian Package

Just a short walk down the beautiful Sugar Maple-lined road, you’ll find Concorde Show Stable. Here, you’ll book an incredible equine experience. You’ll work alongside Abbie Callaghan, high-level show jumper and long-time horsewoman. You’ll experience horsemanship, connection and communication with your new equine partner. With Abbie, you will learn the horse’s body language and what it’s trying to say to you. Yes, horses do talk! You will learn to safely lead your horse, and how to safely groom them. From hoof to tail, you will learn the different parts of their body and what makes each part so uniquely important. From nutrition to equipment, you will talk about the different options and why you choose one thing over another.


This is just a small glimpse into what the equestrian experience will offer you! Horses want to connect with people, and whether this is your first time connecting with a horse or it throws you back to early memories, this package will allow you to safely and confidently fulfill your dreams. Your bond will be unforgettable, forever..


90 minutes with a selected horse just for you;

– Trainer instructions and guidance throughout the session

– An initial treat session to get acquainted

– Discussion about their joints, muscles, organs and what makes them so unique

– Curry and brush their bodies, comb and pull their mane then, braid their mane and put on their halter

– Take them for a quiet handwalk around the property

– Stop at one of our grass fields for treats and a long pause for fresh grass

– Walk back to the barn, untack them and put them back in their stall or paddock

Movie Night Fun

We show the classics! With a variety of different film possibilities and a fantastic setting to enjoy them, come on over to The Flag Barn right next to the Inn. Refreshments and snacks are made available throughout the showing. Right next door is the Game Room, if that’s more your style, and there are plenty of options. Pool, Darts, Board Games, Pinball, and many more.

Leisure Adventures

Want to get out, stir up some fun competition and escape to some fun and favorite memories? Come on over to the Flag Barn game room. It’s a perfect getaway spot in the Fall and Winter, too. Pool table challenges? Darts all night long over too many crazy stories and hilarious jokes you’ve been hiding since college finals week? Outside and a weekend cornhole tournament more your style? Or, just sitting by the stove and talking about playing but never getting out of that comfortable chair! Ten strides out the Inn front door, and you’ve arrived!